Meirion Howells Project Management Brochure

Meirion Howells Project Management Brochure


Meirion Howells Project Management provides a quality Project Management and Quantity Surveying service throughout the United Kingdom.

Meirion Howells Project Management was formed to provide a comprehensive, knowledgeable and sensible approach suited to the individual demands of our clients.

We bring flexibility to the tailoring of packages for companies, directed towards their specific products and markets, and the problems they may be facing.

The company is based in excellently equipped offices in Swansea’s Enterprise Zone.

The location has first class communication links with all parts of the country, and provides the ideal setting for our high quality staff all of whom are eexperienced in working in the area and sensitive to the constraints, culture and social needs of both the rural and industrial heartland of England and Wales.

Meirion Howells Project Management has placed great emphasis on advanced information and computing technology and is therefore able to offer the essential combination of quality staff giving a professional service, backed by advanced technology, to serve the needs of all our clients.

Meirion Howells Project Management has established both quality assurance and environment awareness policies, and strive to further our commitment to these policies by the sensitive and practical nature of our solutions.

We place great emphasis on practical construction and cost solutions compatible with environmental constraints and the needs of the location.


Meirion Howells Project ManagementCDM Coordinator

We are able to fulfil the role of the CDM Coordinator in accordance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations and are able to carry out risk assessments and prepare the pre tender Health & Safety Information Pack & the Health and Safety File.